Welcome to the TIM'S

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The Tim's is affectionately called "the largest curry sausage stand in the region" because the stylish combination of café, bar and restaurant in the Kaiserpassage, right in downtown Goslar, serves its guests an enormous number of this popular meal every day.

Except Tim's is a popular meeting place at any time of the day. The relaxed atmosphere, the great breakfast, the excellent coffee specialities, the stylish snacks, the delicious dishes and the legendary cocktail evenings - all this makes Tim's what it is: a lively and indispensable part of Goslar's city life.

The experienced and motivated Gastroteam of Tim's will be happy to fulfill your every wish and look forward to your visit!

You will find our opening hours here.

You can also take a look at our Wildfang! We score with our daily freshly made meatballs and a large selection of draught beers. In the restaurant of Schiefer we present you our great love: The Steaks!

That's delicious!

take a look at our current menu. We are very sure that there is something for you and are looking forward to your visit!